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Cohort 5 - From Tides to Nucleotides: Ecological Genomics of Semibalanus Balanoides Inhabiting Tidal Microhabitats with Different Degrees of Environmental Stress

The cohort IGERT V project seeks to characterize genomic mechanisms involved in adaptation to environmental heterogeneity focusing particularly on evolutionary responses and host-microbiome interactions of the northern acorn barnacle (Semibalanus balanoides). Briefly, the traineed will compare and analyze genome wide differences in allele frequencies observed in barnacles inhabiting the upper and lower end of the rocky intertidal, two microhabitats with different degrees of environmental stress.

The project has three fundamental goals: (1) Assemble a high quality reference genome for S. balanoides, (2)  assemble a transcriptome from barnacles living in microhabitats at the high and low tidal extremes of the intertidal, and (3) use the two aforementioned tools to characterize allele frequencies and microbiome composition differences across the upper and lower extremes of the intertidal zone. The trainees will tackle these goals through the use of second generation (Illumina's HiSeq platform) and third generation (PacBio's SMRT platform) sequencing tools.