Baylor Fox-Kemper, Assistant Professor of Earth, Environment and Planetary Sciences        
I study the physics of the ocean and its role in past, present, and future climate. I use models that range from the global scale to focused process models that apply universally. I also use remote observations, such as satellites and autonomous buoys and moorings. I seek mathematically interesting problems with practical uses. 

Susan Gerbi, George D. Eggleston Professor of Biochemistry, Professor of Biology
Professor Gerbi obtained her Ph.D. with Dr. Joseph Gall at Yale in 1970, where they developed the method of in situ hybridization for localization of genes on chromosomes.  Currently she has two major projects:  Initiation of DNA replication and ribosome structure, evolution and biogenesis.                    

Timothy D. Herbert, Henry L. Doherty Professor of Oceanography, Professor of Environmental Studies, Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences
 My research has led to a better understanding of the history of global change. Within the University community, I have worked hard to develop strong links between the Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences and Environmental Studies, the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society, and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology groups. 

Charles Lawrence, Professor of Applied Mathematics

My research continues to be focused on the application of Bayesian algorithms that he and his collaborators have developed, leading to biological insights on transcription regulation and identification of regulatory motifs in prokaryotic and eukaryotic sequences, comparative genomics, antisense oligonucleotide and siRNA design, the composition of nucleotide sequences, and detailed analyses of several protein families.

Lorraine Lisiecki, Assistant Professor, Department of Geology, University of California at Santa Barbara
My research focuses on computational approaches to the interpretation of paleoclimate records. I believe that the integrated analysis of widely distributed paleoclimate records will yield important information about the climate system that cannot be obtained by studying these records individually. 

Ben Raphael, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Center for Mulecular Biology
My research focuses on the development and application of computational and mathematical methods for analyzing biological systems. Particular areas of interest include computational problems arising in comparative and regulatory genomics, cancer genomics, evolution, and genetics.
Robert Reenan, Professor of Biology, MCB Department
I am interested in evolution of brain function and behavior. The primary model system is Drosophila, the fruit fly, for its powerful traditional and molecular genetics. The main question is - how do genomes encode and regulate proteins involved in rapid electrical and chemical signaling in the brain, normally and in disease? Surprisingly, this has led us into studies of RNA editing, comparative genomics, small non-coding RNA, heterochromatin, evolution of RNA structure, and inherited neurological disorders.

William Thompson, Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics (Research)

To turn the genetic blueprint into a functional organism, genes must be expressed in a specific temporal and spatial patterns. Finding the signals that control this expression and understanding their interactions is a key to learning the language of the genes. One of the first steps in this process is locating the regulatory elements directly encoded in DNA and RNA sequences. The focus of my research is to develop computational methods to locate these key regulatory elements.

Graduate Students

Ashley Conrad

Andrew Kulazny


Seonmin Ahn

August Guang

I study probability theory and phylogenetics, specifically how uncertainty in the upstream components of a phylogenetic analysis such as assembly and homology affect uncertainty in the downstream components such as gene trees and species trees

Wilson McKerrow

Jessica Nadel-Schuster

Luis Carvalho

Heng Lian

Eric Ruggieri


Lauren Alpert Sugden

Luan Lin