Recent Publications


Mazloom, S.J. Brown, A.C. Spradling and S.A. Gerbi (2020) Single-molecule sequencing of long DNA molecules allows high contiguity de novo genome assembly for the fungus fly, Sciara coprophila. BioRxiv. doi:

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Yamamoto Y, Bliss J and Gerbi SA (2015) Whole organism genome editing: Targeted large DNA insertion via ObLiGaRe nonhomologous end-joining in vivo capture.  G3: Genes/Genomes/Genetics 5: 1843-1847. 

M.S. Foulk, J.M. Urban, C. Casella and S.A. Gerbi (2015) Characterizing and controlling intrinsic biases of Lambda exonuclease in nascent strand sequencing reveals phasing between nucleosomes and G-quadruplex motifs around a subset of human replication origins. Genome Research 25: 725-735.

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