2D Nanomaterials for Human Health and the Environment Workshop

On November 6, 2019, we conducted the 2D Nanomaterials for Human Health and the Environment workshop in conjunction with the national conference of the Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization in San Diego. 

Robert Hurt opening remarksRobert Hurt opening remarks






The workshop brought together leading researchers, young investigators, trainees, and environmental health stakeholders to share data and ideas in the field of 2D Nanomaterials for Human Health and the Environment. There were five invited speakers: Mark Hersam, Northwestern University (on basic 2D material science); Michael Strano, MIT (on 2D material applications); Baoxia Mi, UC Berkeley (on environmental applications), Debora Rodrigues, U of Houston (on environmental implications), and Peter Wick of EMPA in Switzerland (on 2D material toxicology and human health). In the afternoon, there were working group discussions and a poster session.





Working GroupWorking Group






For an overview of the workshop invited talks and the research ideas and recommendations, please see the presentation linked below.