CORE 2: Research Translation Core

The Research Translation Core (RTC) acts as a bridge between the Brown SRP and its broad stakeholder community of governmental, commercial and other professional groups concerned with environmental health issues. The RTC facilitates two-way exchange of information on cutting-edge academic research and stakeholder needs related to environmental public health and cleanup. The RTC serves as the main catalyst for translation of technical information to stakeholders outside of the main scientific communities with which each project typically interacts, and it is also a facilitator of experimental fieldwork that complements the laboratory work performed at Brown.

The RTC activities foster two-way communication between the SRP and its stakeholders in many ways. The RTC responds to requests for technical advice from governmental agencies, develops and hosts relevant educational and training workshops for stakeholders, facilitates communication of research findings to relevant scientific and other professional communities, and supports technology transfer initiatives. Additionally, the RTC will continue to support contaminated site investigation and restoration projects at the Centredale Manor (NPL), Gorham/Textron, Industrial Lane and Fisherville Mill sites. 

State Partners

Other Agencies With Whom The RTC Has Collaborated

Contact Information

Core Leader: Eric Suuberg, Sc.D., P.E., [email protected]



Core Co-Leader: Terrence Gray, P.E., [email protected]