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Oxford University, D.Phil. Philosophy, June 1993
Thesis title: Liberalism Beyond Justice.
Supervisor: Bernard Williams; Readers: G.A. Cohen, Brian Barry.

Oxford University, B.Phil. Philosophy, University Distinction for Thesis, June 1991.

University of Arizona, M.A. Philosophy, 1989. M.A. Examiners: Joel Feinberg, Julia Annas, Allen Buchanan.

Colby College, B.A. (magna cum laude) May 1987.

St. John’s College/Annapolis, Freshman Year program in Classics 1982-3.



University of Arizona, Research Associate The Freedom Center 2012-

Brown University, Professor
Department of Political Science, Department of Philosophy (courtesy) 2011-

The Political Theory Project, Founding Director Brown University 2003-

Brown University, Associate Professor
Department of Political Science, Department of Philosophy (courtesy) 2000-2011

Harvard University, Fellow in Ethics Program in Ethics and the Professions, 1998-9

The Social Philosophy & Policy Center, Visiting Research Fellow Bowling Green State University, January-May 1996

Brown University Stanley J. Bernstein Assistant Professor of Social Science-International Affairs, July 1994- 2000

Stanford University, Visiting Assistant Professor
Program in Ethics in Society and Department of Philosophy, 1993-4

Princeton University, Visiting Research Scholar The University Center for Human Values, 1992-3




Free Market Fairness. Princeton: Princeton University Press, February 2012 (second printing April 2012; third printing November 2012; paperback due April 2013).

Liberalism Beyond Justice: Citizens, Society and the Boundaries of Political Theory. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2001.

Symposia on Free Market Fairness: Responses to Critics

1. Bleeding Heart Libertarians, online symposium, June 2012, with contributions by Elizabeth Anderson, Richard Arneson, Samuel Freeman, Dierdre McCloskey, and Will Wilkinson.

 “Reply to Elizabeth Anderson, Part 1: Commercial Liberty”

“Reply to Elizabeth Anderson, Part 2: Democratic Workplace”

“Reply to Samuel Freeman: Thick Economic Liberty”

“Reply to Dierdre McCloskey: Normative Free Market Fairness”

“Reply to Will Wilkinson: Hayekian Free Market Fairness”

2. Journal of Politics, forthcoming Summer 2013, with contributions by Sheri Berman, Jacob Levy, Eric MacGilvray, and Robert S. Taylor.

“Reply to Berman, Levy, MacGilvray, and Taylor: Market Democracy Rising”

3. Critical Review, special issue on Free Market Fairness, Winter 2013.

4. Various: Faculty workshops on Free Market Fairness have been held during 2012 at the University of Virginia, McGill University, and at the Ratio Institute in Stockholm, with workshops scheduled for spring of 2013 at The Pacific Division of the American Philosophical Association, Tilburg University in the Netherlands, Sheffield University in the UK, and Fatih University in Istanbul. Papers from several of these will likely appear in journal symposia or as books.

Chapters in Books

“Economic Liberty” with Jeppe von Platz. The Cambridge Companion to Political Philosophy ed. Chandran Kukathas and Steven Wall (forthcoming 2013).

“Democratic Legitimacy and Economic Liberty” New Essays in Moral and Political Philosophy ed. Ellen Frankel Paul, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2012.

 “Classical Liberalism” with Jason Brennan. The Oxford Handbook of Political Philosophy, ed. David Estlund, New York: Oxford University Press, 2012.

“Can Feminism Be Liberated from Governmentalism?, Toward a Humanist Justice: The Political Philosophy of Susan Moller Okin, eds. Robert Reich and Debra Satz, New York: Oxford University Press, 2009.

“Should Political Liberals Be Compassionate Conservatives?: Philosophical Foundations of the Faith-Based Initiative”
Morality and Politics ed. Jeffrey Paul, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2004.

“Sovereignty, Commerce and Cosmopolitanism: Lessons from Early America for the Future of the World”
After Socialism ed. Ellen Frankl Paul, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2003.

“Justice”, The Oxford Companion to American Law, eds. K. Hall, J. Elly, J. Grossman, N. Hull, New York: Oxford University Press, 2002.

“Governance Beyond the Nation State: James Madison on Foreign Policy and ‘Universal Peace’”, James Madison and the Future of Limited Government, ed. John Samples, Washington: The Cato Institute, 2002.

Journal Articles

“Social Justice, Free Market Style” Juncture (Institute for Public Policy Research, London) 19/1, May 2012.

“Democratic Legitimacy and Economic Liberty” Social Philosophy & Policy, 29/1, Winter 2012.

“Liberal Theocracy and the Justificatory Dance” (Symposium on Lucas Swaine The Liberal Conscience) Philosophy & Public Policy Quarterly, Summer 2009.

“Should Political Liberals be Compassionate Conservatives?: Philosophical Foundations of the Faith-Based Initiative”
Social Philosophy & Policy, 21/1, January 2004.

“Sovereignty, Commerce and Cosmopolitanism: Lessons from Early America for the Future of the World”
Social Philosophy & Policy, 20/1: 223-46, January 2003.

“Civic Education and Ethical Subservience: From Mozert to Santa Fe and Beyond”
NOMOS XLIII: Moral and Political Education Special issue: eds. Stephen Macedo and Yael Tamir, New York: New York University Press, 2002.

“The Key to Locke’s Proviso”
The British Journal for the History of Philosophy, 6/3, October 1998.

“Liberalism, Sanctity and the Prohibition of Abortion” The Journal of Philosophy, XCIV/10, October 1997.

“Kymlicka, Liberalism and Respect for Cultural Minorities” Ethics, 105/2. April 1995.

“Community in the Minimal State”
Critical Review: Special Issue on Communitarianism (with contributions by Charles Taylor, Ronald Beiner, Will Kymlicka, and Brenda Almond) Fall 1994.

“Individual Rights and Community Virtues” Ethics, 101/3, April 1991.

“Plato’s Statesman Story: The Birth of Fiction Reconceived” Philosophy and Literature, 14/2, Fall 1990.

“The Power Principle”
Criminal Justice Ethics, Summer/Fall 1989.


Non-refereed Journal Articles and Monographs

“A Bleeding Heart History of Libertarianism” with Matt Zwolinski, lead essay CatoUnbound, May 2012.

“Hayek on Spontaneous Order and the Mirage of Social Justice”
Bradley Lecture monograph: The American Enterprise Institute (Spring 2008).

“Five Puzzles about Equality and Difference”
Limits to Diversity? Implications for Democracy, University of Ottawa monograph, Robin Higham ed. (2003).

“Political Liberalism and Reasonable Diversity” Liberalismo: O Antigo e O Novo, Joao Espada, Marc Plattner, Adam Wolfson, eds.
Instituto de Ciensas Sociais: Lisboa, Portugal, April 2001.

“Liberal Theory and the Doctrine of Double Effect”, Analise Social (Special Issue, with contributions by Steven Lukes, John Gray, David Miller, Clifford Orwin, Chandran Kukathas, Joao Espada) September 1998.

“Liberalism Beyond Justice”, Cursos da Arrabida: Liberdade, Virtude e Intresse (with contributions by Gordon Wood, William Galston, Joao Espada, and Joao Rosas) Arrabida, Portugal 1997.

Book Reviews

Review of Jack Crittenden, Beyond Individualism: Reconstituting the Liberal Self (Oxford University Press) Ethics, January 1997.

Review of David Johnston, The Idea of a Liberal Theory (Princeton University Press) Political Theory, December 1996.

Review of Vinit Haksar, Indivisible Selves and Moral Practice (Oxford University Press) Ethics, volume 104, April 1994.

Review of R. Douglas, G. Mara, H. Richardson, ed.s, Liberalism and the Good (Oxford University Press) Ethics, 102/4, July 1992.

Review of Stephen Macedo, Liberal Virtues (Oxford University Press) Ethics, 102/2, January 1992.

Work in Progress

A Bleeding-Heart History of Libertarianism, with Matt Zwolinski, Princeton University Press. An on-line symposium on our book project was held on Cato Unbound during May of 2012, based on our lead article “A Bleeding Heart History of Libertarianism.” As of March 2013, Zwolinski and I have drafts of four of what we expect to be a seven chapter book telling the history of libertarianism from a “bleeding-heart” perspective. Topics covered include, property, poverty, racial justice, environmentalism, and the libertarian critique of big business. We hope to hold a day-long workshop on the manuscript at the Freedom Center at the University of Arizona in September or October of 2013. We expect to complete this project by summer of 2014.


Teaching Prizes

The 2004/5 Undergraduate Council of Students Teaching Prize

One of two awarded to lecturers in 2004/5: Brown University.

Henry Merrit Wriston Prize

Awarded Brown University’s premier junior teaching prize (One awarded annually, the Wriston Prize includes a semester leave on full pay), 1996.

Courses Offered at Brown (selections)

Undergraduate Courses:

Lecture courses:

Prosperity: The Ethics and Economics of Wealth Creation; Liberalism and the Politics of Difference;
Polyethnicity, Multinationalism and Cultural Rights; Ethics and Public Policy; Introduction to Political Thought

Undergraduate Seminars:

Freedom; Liberalism Beyond Justice;
Religious; Freedom and the Welfare State;
Civic Education;
Liberalism; Nationalism and Global Justice;
Capitalism: For and Against; Market Liberalism;
Economic Freedom and Social Justice

Graduate Seminars:

Pro-Seminar in Political Theory (with Sharon Krause);
Philosophical Problems of Church-State Relations;
Freedom and Accountability in an Era of Globalization (with Thomas Biersteker) Market Liberalism;
Economic Freedom and Social Justice; Labor and Leisure (with Julie Rose, Princeton).


Professional Service

Board Member, The TWS Foundation, New York, 2010-.

The Hayek Book Prize Selection Committee, The Manhattan Institute, charged with selecting winner of $50,000 prize for book, 2010-.

Member of the Council, Foundations of Political Theory Section of APSA, 2001-2006. Member of the Board of Directors, The Institute for Civil Society, Menlo Park, CA 2000-. Fellowship Selection Board, Claude Lambe Fellowships, Institute for Humane Studies, Fairfax, VA, 1999-.

External Reviewer for a number of leading journals and university presses.

University Service

Third World Center Review Committee. Member of Committee charged with developing strategic plan for Brown’s Third World Center, Jan. 2002-.

Chairperson of Brown’s Code of Conduct Committee, Reported directly to University President regarding University Sweatshop Issues 1999-2000.

Have served, variously, on Brown’s Truman Fellowship Committee and Rhodes/Marshall Selection Committee, 1995-.
Regularly accept invitations to lecture to campus groups including Royce Society of Fellows, The Presidential Seminar, Meiklejohn Fellows, Parents’ Weekend, Brown Alumni Clubs, Brown Parents’ Association.

Department Service

Founding Director of The Political Theory Project.

Member of the Department’s Graduate Committee, 1999-2004.
Served as Director of Undergraduate Studies during a major overhaul of Departmental concentration requirements, 1996-7.

Regularly supervise Senior Honors theses, serve as Concentration Advisor, and sponsor Independent Studies.


The Charles G. Koch Prize, One awarded annually to the Outstanding Alumnus of the Institute for Humane Studies, George Mason University 2010.

The Hayek Prize, One awarded annually, the Manhattan Institute, New York, NY, 2009. 

Stanley J. Bernstein Assistant Professor of Social Science-International Affairs. Endowed Junior Chair in Social Sciences/ International Affairs, July 1994-2000.

Miles Clausen Prize One awarded annually by the President and Fellows of Corpus Christi College, Oxford for Outstanding Service to the College, 1991.

President of Middle Common Room Elected position with seat on College Governing Body, Corpus Christi College, Oxford University, 1990-1.


As Director of the Political Theory Project, I am active writing grants proposals and in soliciting gifts from individuals to the University. All the operating expenses for the Political Theory Project, which includes a postdoc program, a visiting scholars program, the Janus Forum student group and Lecture series, the Brown Political Review student magazine, and the salaries and benefits for a two-person administrative staff, come from funds that I raise, typically on an annual basis.


Commentary on political issues, or on my scholarly work, has appeared in student and local media outlets, and in national/international outlets including National Public Radio, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The New York Times, Public Radio Australia, Canadian Public Television, John Stossel’s 20/20, CSPAN and more. A podcast on Free Market Fairness was recently featured on Philosophy Bites.