The Creton Laboratory

The laboratory of Dr. Robbert Creton
Department of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry
Brown University

Research in the Creton laboratory is focused on brain development and visually-guided behavior, using zebrafish as a model system.  The studies aim to provide a better understanding of the basic biological mechanisms that regulate eye and brain development and contribute to the prevention of human developmental disorders.

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People in the Creton Lab who use zebrafish as a model system:

RobbertRobbertRobbert Creton (PI), Email:




HollyHollyHolly Richendrfer (Postdoc), Email:



DanielleDanielleDanielle Bestoso (Research Assistant), Email:



BobbyBobbyBobby Thorn (Graduate Student), Email:



Hae JinHae JinHae Jin Kang (Visiting Graduate Student), Email:




Emily Passarelli (Undergraduate Student), Email:


Prior Lab Members:

EmilyEmilyEmily Regier (Undergraduate Student),