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Reporting - Sponsored Projects

In order to access Sponsored Projects Reports in Cognos you must have Coeus access and complete the Cognos Request for Access form found on the Computing Accounts & Passwords Web page.


Access Cognos Reports

Reporting Update

**New Report Available - 10-26-15 - The Proposal Success Rates report is now available for department users to run as needed.  This report summarizes the PI & Department Success Rate for the proposals submitted during the time frame selected.  The report:


-Determines Success Rate by dividing the number of proposals funded by the sum of the total number of proposals submitted during the selected period.


-Lists the total number of proposals submitted and/or funded, the success rate percentage, the requested funding for the proposals, and the obligated and anticipated funding for the funded proposals.


-Can be refind via prompts on Period of Time, Proposal Type, Division, Department, PI, Sponsor Type, and Sponsor.


-Provides Drill Down capabilities to the proposal detail information.


-Useful for defining a Principal Investigator's or a Departments Success Rate as of a particular time.


**WD Expenses added to the Standard Award, Proposal, Expense Activity Available - 9-21-2015 - The report:


-Now includes both Workday and FRS Expenses.  This enhancement enables expenses prior to FY2013 and expenses after FY2014 to be included on the same report.


-The Account Number and/or Grant Worktag detail is included in the Expenditure portion of the report.


Reporting -

The following is a sample list of reports that are available on Sponsored Projects for Departments:


  • Standard Award, Proposal & WD Expense Report

  • Monthly Proposal Status Updates

  • Summary Report of Proposals by Department

  • Summary Report of Awards by Department

  • Award & Proposal Activity by Investigator

  • Report of Open Awards

  • Proposal Success Rates



    **Scheduling Capabilities - The ability to schedule a report to run automatically is being added to several reports. As of 3/26/12, the following reports can be scheduled:

  • Monthly Proposal Activity Report
  • Monthly Award Activity Report
  • Report of Open Awards
  • Award & Proposal Activity by Investigator
  • Summary Report of Proposals by Department
  • Summary Report of Awards by Department



*To make this Report Request Form an editable pdf: Save the pdf to your computer; right   click on the pdf file you saved; choose option OPEN WITH- ADOBE ACROBAT.

  • This will allow you to edit and save this document. 
  • Remember to send completed forms to OSP_Reporting@brown.edu.


    If you have any questions about OSP Cognos Reports or to submit an OSP Report Request Form, please contact OSP_Reporting@brown.edu.

  • Displays several time periods including selected month, 2 lastest Fiscal Year to Dates and the last 4 full Fiscal Years.
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