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In order to access Sponsored Projects Reports in Cognos you must have Coeus access and complete the Cognos Request for Access form found on the Computing Accounts & Passwords Web page.


Access Cognos Reports

Reporting Update

**New Report Available – 6-21-16 The Standard Award, Proposal, Expense Activity by Investigator report is now available for department users to run as needed.  This report lists an Investigator's Activity, based on the Investigator's Home Department, for the time frame run. 


-Investigator’s Home Department indicates that if a proposal is submitted through Brain Sciences but the Investigator’s home department is Engineering, the proposal/award/expense will be included on this report under Engineering.


-Displays 4 Fiscal Year to Date time periods for comparison purposes, e.g. reviewing an investigator’s activity for quarter 3 of the past 4 years.


-Provides graphical representation of the data contained in the report.

·         # of Proposals Submitted and Awards Received

·         Obligated Funding Received

·         Initial Proposal Dollars Requested

·         Direct & Indirect Expenses


-Can be refined via prompts on Period of Time, Department and Expense Account Number.


-Contains both WD & FRS Expenses.


**WD Expenses added to the Standard Award, Proposal, Expense Activity Available - 9-21-2015 - The report:


-Now includes both Workday and FRS Expenses.  This enhancement enables expenses prior to FY2013 and expenses after FY2014 to be included on the same report.


-The Account Number and/or Grant Worktag detail is included in the Expenditure portion of the report.


Reporting -

The following is a sample list of reports that are available on Sponsored Projects for Departments:


  • Standard Award, Proposal & WD Expense Report

  • Standard Award, Proposal & Expense by Investigator Report

  • Monthly Proposal Status Updates

  • Summary Report of Proposals by Department

  • Summary Report of Awards by Department

  • Award & Proposal Activity by Investigator

  • Report of Open Awards

  • Proposal Success Rates



    **Scheduling Capabilities - The ability to schedule a report to run automatically is being added to several reports. As of 3/26/12, the following reports can be scheduled:

  • Monthly Proposal Activity Report
  • Monthly Award Activity Report
  • Report of Open Awards
  • Award & Proposal Activity by Investigator
  • Summary Report of Proposals by Department
  • Summary Report of Awards by Department



*To make this Report Request Form an editable pdf: Save the pdf to your computer; right   click on the pdf file you saved; choose option OPEN WITH- ADOBE ACROBAT.

  • This will allow you to edit and save this document. 
  • Remember to send completed forms to OSP_Reporting@brown.edu.


    If you have any questions about OSP Cognos Reports or to submit an OSP Report Request Form, please contact OSP_Reporting@brown.edu.

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