Publication of Research Results

The mission of Brown University is the creation of new knowledge and the free and open exchange of information. For this reason, the Brown faculty has determined that the results of their research and other scholarly activity must be publishable and the information must be available to share and disseminate without restriction.


In addition, the free publication of University research results must be preserved in order to maintain the Fundamental Research Exclusion (FRE) from Export Controls. Acceptance of confidential information received from a third party does not necessarily void the FRE provided the terms of the agreement(s) with the provider of confidential information is maintained and the confidential information is not central to the research project. However, an export control license, or a license exception may be required in order to share the Confidential Information with foreign students or post-docs.


Brown University Policy does not allow work with classified information or technology, nor does Brown accept grants or contracts whose sponsor and purpose is not able to be freely shared. If non-classified, confidential or proprietary information received from others is needed to perform a specific project, the University’s Confidentiality Policy should be closely followed.


For questions or further assistance, please call Keri Godin Director, Office of Research Integrity (401) 863-1803

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