The Collaborative Initiative for Research Ethics (CIRE)

Collaborative Initiative for Research Ethics (CIRE) is a national and international website for research ethics training for students, researchers, faculty and community health and environmental professionals/advocates in community/environmental health, environmental sciences, engineering and related sciences. Training resources are available here for human subjects training with an emphasis on community-based studies, participatory research and cultural competence and humility training for ethical research with diverse racial and cultural groups. 

This site, the Collaborative Initiative for Research Ethics (CIRE) has been revised to include two major research ethics grant projects: the Northeast Ethics Education Partnership (NEEP) and the Research Ethics and Environmental Health Project.

Upcoming Workshop Announcement:

Dianne Quigley will be presenting in a panel at a conference hosted by The International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature, and Culture (ISSRNC) at the University of Florida on Friday, January 15, 2016 at 1:45PM.

Panel Title: Ethics and the Environment

Description of Presentations from Panel Members:

- Dianne Quigley, "The Role of Research Ethics and Cultural Competence Training for Protecting Cultural and Religious Means of Place, Identity, and Social Sustainability"

- Jame Schaefer, "A Global (Nuanced) Ethic for the Anthropocene: Engaging the Senses of the Sacred in the World Religions"

- Christopher Key Chapple, "Interiority, Intimacy, and Ethics: Indic Meditations on Nature"

- Jonathan Edelman, "Contributions of Hindu Ethics to Ecology"

Vasudha Narayanan - Panel Facilitator