Materials Request Form

Materials Request Form

The Collaborative Initiative for Research Ethics

Brown University

Thank you for your interest in the viewing and conditional use of our research ethics training materials. These materials have been created by the Northeast Ethics Education Partnership (NEEP). By reading and filling out this form, you are stating that you understand you are to use the materials in only the ways described on this form. You cannot redistribute these materials.  One form may be used for several requests, if all the materials are intended for the same use.

Please fill out the following information: 

As named on our website.

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Conditions of Use

I, name, hereby understand that I am receiving the materials listed above, free of charge, for the uses designated above only. I will not redistribute these materials. I understand that the following conditions must be met before my use of the materials:

1) Materials used for “personal knowledge and use” must not be shared or distributed.

2) Materials used for “research paper or reference” must be referenced appropriately, giving credit to NEEP where due, or to the other authors/papers when specifically referenced within the materials.

3) Materials used for “educational use, in person” must be referenced appropriately, giving credit to NEEP where due, or to the authors/papers where specifically referenced within the materials. The materials may be altered to add your own information and materials, but citing where appropriate is still needed. Electronic (see below) or print copies may be made for non-commercial personal or classroom use.

4) Materials used for “educational use, to be placed online as a resource”, must be published in their original, unaltered form, as a PDF file. Materials may ONLY be used on restricted access websites, such as MyCourses or other restricted campus/class websites. They shall NOT be placed on open-access websites.