Faculty and Department Representatives

Department Representatives

For information regarding Sigma Xi nominations and processes that are particular to your department, contact your departmental representative.

Departments assign either a faculty member or staff member to handle particulars for their department. See the list of the department representatives below.



Brown Chapter Electors/Department Representatives

Current as of January 2016

Department Main Contact Title Email Phone Fax Box #
Applied Math Jean Radican Senior Graduate Program Coordinator jean_radican@brown.edu   (401) 863-2463 401-863-1355 Box F
Bio Med Graduate Postdoc Affairs Tracey Cronin/Elizabeth Harrington  Professor of Medicine (Research)
   Bio Med Medicine, Manager, Bio Med Graduate Studies
elizabeth_harrington@brown.edu, tracey_cronin@brown.edu (401) 863-3281,  (401) 863-2660 Box G-A
Bio Med Medical Affairs Katherine Smith, Michelle Leiber Associate Dean of Biological Sciences (Undergraduate Ed) (includes EEB), Office Coordinator katherine_smith@brown.edu, michelle_leiber@brown.edu (401) 863-3814,  401-863-3133 (401) 863-7411 Box G-A
Bio Med Medical Education Janice Viticonte Medical Student Residency Program Coordinator janice_viticonte@brown.edu  (401) 863-1641, (401) 863-5078 401) 863-5102 Box G-M
Bio Med Neuroscience Robert Patrick, Scott Rathbun Associate Professor of Medical Science, Staff/Office Assistant robert_patrick@brown.edu, scott_rathbun@brown.edu (401) 863-2630 , 401-863-6530   Box G-LN
Chemistry   Matthew Zimmt Professor of Chemistry matthew_zimmt@brown.edu  (401) 863-2909 (401) 863-9368 Box H
Cognitive Linguistic & Psychological Sciences William Heindel, Reinette Sousa
Professor of Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences, Academic Department Manager  william_heindel@brown.edu, Reinette_Sousa@brown.edu (401) 863-2727, (401) 863-2702    Box 1821, Metcalf 134
Computer Science   Thomas Doeppner, Lauren Clarke Associate Professor of Computer Science , Faculty & Student Affairs Manager thomas_doeppner_jr@brown.edu, lauren_clarke@brown.edu   401-863-7633, (401) 863-7655   Box 1910
Engineering, School of  Nirva Lafortune, Victoria Riccitelli
Manager of Academic Programs and Student Affairs, Academic Program Coordinator nirva_lafortune@brown.edu, victoria_riccitelli@brown.edu 401-863-2678, (401) 863-1471   Box D
Geological Sciences Jan Tullis Professor Emerita of Geological Sciences jan_tullis@brown.edu (401) 863-1921 (401) 863-2058 Box 1846
Mathematics Audrey Aguiar,  Jill Pipher  Coordinator of Student Affairs, Professor Of Mathematics Audrey_Aguiar@Brown.edu, Jill_Pipher@brown.edu (401) 863-2708, 401-863-7010   Box 1917
Physics Mary Ellen Woycik, Antonio Taylor, Professor Meenakshi Narain
Student Affairs and Programs Manager, Administrative Coordinator mary_ellen_woycik@brown.edu, antonio_taylor@brown.edu
(401) 863-1434 (401) 863-2024 Box 1843
Medical School Janice Viticonte Medical Student Residency Program Coordinator janice_viticonte@brown.edu  (401) 863-1641, (401) 863-5078 401) 863-5102 Box G-M