Getting Started

Are you an undergraduate student interested in doing research? Not sure how to go about it and where to start? Here are some suggestions you can follow:

Professor Karen Haberstroh talking to students at the Science CenterProfessor Karen Haberstroh talking to students at the Science Center

  1. Did you know that you can apply for grants to help fund your project? Visit the Funding Your Research section to learn more!

    1. Find a faculty member whose research matches your interests. It’s best to make a list of a few different labs you might be interested in joining since not all of them might have immediate openings for undergraduate researchers.
    2. Contact and meet your potential faculty sponsor(s).
    3. If you intend to do independent research as part of your concentration requirement, familiarize yourself with your concentration department’s guidelines and requirements.
    4. Do research!

Have you already done research and love your project so much you want to share it with the world? There are multiple opportunities  to share your work with the Brown community as well as nation-wide audiences. 

talk to peers about your researchtalk to peers about your research