Strategic Planning Process

In late 2008, the Vice President for Research commissioned a wide-ranging process to develop a strategic plan for research at Brown with the goals of:


  • Establishing priorities for investing resources to develop, pursue, and support research opportunities
  • Improving the alignment of Brown’s organizational structure, culture, and policies with its aspiration to be among the top research institutions
  • Identifying specific actions that OVPR can take to improve its support for research


OVPR began the strategic planning process in fall 2008 in collaboration with an outside consultant, Phil Goldstein of Goldstein & Associates. The initial activities included focus groups interviews with 65 faculty members and interviews with senior deans and administrators from a cross section of academic disciplines. These conversations identified a set of strategic issues and questions that participants believe that the University must address in order to sustain and enhance the impact of its research. The issues and questions that the committees considered were derived from these initial conversations.


Six committees of faculty and staff from around the University met from September through December 2009 to consider specific questions and recommend potential actions. Planning committees are organized around a related set of issues and included:


  • Brown’s Research Aspirations
  • Research Development
  • Supporting the Conduct of Research
  • Integrating Research Across the University and Hospitals
  • Centers, Programs and Institutes
  • OVPR Operations
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