Using Your PCARD

No equipment may be purchased with a PCard, including components (of any dollar value) to an existing piece of capitalized equipment or system

You may purchase supplies charged to an approved fabrication account (these charges will be capitalized upon completion of the fabrication and are not subject to indirect costs)

Be advised:

  • The PCard restricts the 4xxx subcode series.
  • If you wish to capitalize (and therefore inventory and avoid indirect costs) an item, you must requisition and purchase the item via a regular Purchase Order.
  • If an item bought with sponsored funds is not capitalized, it is generally subject to indirect costs.
  • No expenses will be moved to an equipment subcode (4010, 4020, 4030, 4080, etc.) from another subcode for any reason. Be sure to assign the correct subcode when you requisition the item.
  • A list of subcodes and their descriptions can be found on the Office of the Controller webpage. Contact Doreen Burgers, Director of University Disbursements, with PCard policy questions.