Teaching Consultants

Teaching Consultants 2017

2016-17 Teaching Consultants

The Sheridan Center’s Teaching Consultants (TCs) take a leading role in conducting the Center’s Teaching Observations, and Microteaching Sessions. Through the Center’s Teaching Consultant Program, TCs receive professional training in the development and application of peer observation and feedback skills, and in the development of leadership and discussion facilitation skills.

TCs are selected from members of the Brown teaching community who have earned The Sheridan Teaching Seminar--Reflective Teaching Certificate and have a demonstrated commitment to teaching and constructive pedagogical exchange. Some TCs may have also completed other Certificate Programs. See the Teaching Consultant Program page of our website for more information or to register.

Through the Teaching Consultants Invited Speaker Program, each year the Teaching Consultants have an opportunity to invite an inspiring professor to Brown to give a lecture and share insights from his or her own pedagogical practice.

Experienced Teaching Consultants

Teaching Consultants who have completed Certificate IV may choose to continue serving as an Experienced Teaching Consultant (ETC). In this capacity, they will have the opportunity to continue their professional development by participating in the TC community. Experienced Teaching Consultants are expected to attend Session 1 and are encouraged to attend all sessions. Experienced Teaching Consultants are required to complete a minimum of 8 Teaching Observations for the academic year.

Head Teaching Consultants

Two experienced Teaching Consultants act as the Center's Head Teaching Consultants: one from the Humanities and Social Sciences, and one from the Life and Physical Sciences, and both usually serve in this role for two years. The Head Teaching Consultants work with the Director of the Certificate IV Program to co-facilitate training sessions, mentor peers, and facilitate communication and feedback between the Sheridan Center and the Teaching Consultant community.

  • Charles Carroll

    Humanities and Social Sciences

    Charlie Carroll is a sixth-year PhD candidate in the history department. His research is on the impact of gender discourses on university student and faculty cultures in the early years of the University of Paris (in the late-twelfth and thirteenth centuries). In addition to his research, he’s interested in composition and rhetoric pedagogies, mentoring theory and practice, and engaged scholarship. He has taught at Brown and the Rhode Island Adult Correctional Institution, and will be teaching at Wheaton College in the spring. He is currently serving as Interdisciplinary Fellow at the Sheridan Center and the Writing Center, where he works on projects related to graduate student development and runs course-embedded workshops on recursive writing strategies, peer review, and self-editing.

  • Michelle Muzzio

    Life and Physical Sciences

    Michelle Muzzio is a fourth year PhD candidate in the chemistry department where she studies nanoparticle synthesis and design for catalysis . Specifically, she is interested in synthesizing bimetallic palladium alloys to boost palladium's effectiveness in greener chemistry. She had been involved with the Sheridan Center since 2015 and has developed and caught a course for [email protected] entitled "Tiny Solutions for Big Problems."