Department Workshops on Inclusive Teaching

The Sheridan Center supports D-DIAP committees by offering department workshops on the following topics:

Unconscious Bias in the Classroom (Sheridan - OIED co-facilitated)
Unconscious bias represents the stereotypes and beliefs we hold outside of our own conscious awareness. All of us, regardless of our best intentions, hold unconscious bias — numerous studies demonstrate that people harbor these biases even when they explicitly believe that prejudice and discrimination are wrong. These deeply rooted assumptions slip into our everyday interactions and decision-making in unrecognized ways. This workshop will define unconscious bias, offer research on its impact in the classroom, and provide guidance on what we can do to uncover and minimize the effects of unconscious bias in teaching and learning contexts.

Introduction to Inclusive Teaching
How do you demonstrate to your students that their experiences and educational growth are valuable to your discipline? In this workshop, participants will become familiar with evidence-based strategies for creating an inclusive learning environment and discuss small, impactful practices used in their classrooms.

Facilitating Inclusive Discussions
This workshop introduces tools and strategies to facilitate thoughtful and productive classroom discussion. Participants discuss ways to prepare to facilitate discussion and address difficult moments, learn strategies for creating an inclusive environment, and consider techniques for starting, sustaining, and concluding a discussion.

Supporting International and Multilingual Students
Brown welcomes students from around the country and the world and their unique perspectives enrich our learning community. This workshop will discuss how norms and expectations for written and oral communication vary across cultures and ways these differences may manifest in academic spaces. Participants will explore best practices for supporting international and multilingual students in the classroom, including inclusive strategies for providing feedback and promoting participation. 

To request a workshop, please email [email protected]. A Sheridan staff member will contact you for an initial meeting to discuss your goals for the session, logistics, and other considerations that will help make this session most useful for your department or program.