Graduate TA Proctor

This proctorship offers doctoral students the opportunity to gain insights and experience in the interdisciplinary field of teaching and learning. Generally, there is a robust job market for work in centers for teaching and learning, but many centers look for some prior experience among applicants. The Sheridan Center welcomes applications from graduate students from a range of diverse backgrounds who are eager to collaborate with us on inclusive, evidence-based teaching and professional development.


Expected assignments include:

  • Perform research related to the development of online New TA Orientation
  • Read and summarize relevant literature on teaching topics for New TA Orientation
  • Assist with compiling resources around graduate TA preparation for remote, online, or hybrid courses
  • Gather and/or provide graduate perspectives on teaching topics for New TA Orientation modules
  • Offer user feedback on New TA Orientation modules
  • Assist with other graduate student focused projects, as needed
  • Assist with re-development of online workshops for the Sheridan Teaching Seminar (Certificate I)

The proctor is expected to devote approximately 10 hours over 10 weeks during Summer 2020 (100 hours total). Proctors are expected to communicate regularly with Senior Associate Director Jessica Metzler to discuss project responsibilities and receive feedback.


  • Open to all disciplines
  • Candidates must have a demonstrated interested in teaching and TA development
  • Candidates must have at least one semester’s experience working as a TA at Brown
  • Previous participation in one or more Sheridan programs is preferred (e.g., participation in a Sheridan certificate program or New TA Orientation, working as a Writing Associate, etc.)

These proctorships are intended for PhD students whose total summer support would otherwise fall below the equivalent of three months of the standard academic-year stipend amount ($8,758.68).  Students who have already applied for and been approved for the Summer Fellowship ($2,000) should note that if they receive a Summer Position (with a $3,400 stipend), it will take the full place of the Summer Fellowship (both awards cannot be maintained).

To apply:

The application is available in UFunds (under “Graduate School 2020 Summer Proctorship Positions”). All applications received by Wednesday, May 13, 2020, will receive priority review. (Applications can be submitted after that deadline for any unfilled positions.)