Updates from the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning

There are several pieces of good news at the Sheridan Center. While these changes took place in early 2020, we have delayed sending this communication due to other messaging that took priority in light of the COVID-19 crisis. Thank you for your patience!

1. Science Center
First, to recognize the synergies in their work, the Science Center merged with the Sheridan Center in early Spring 2020. We will maintain the “Science Center” name in order to best communicate to students its distinct identity as a community to promote intergenerational collaboration, inclusivity, and full participation in STEM by students from historically marginalized groups. Nicole Williams, who has been promoted to Program Manager, will continue to coordinate key programs in the Science Center, working in collaboration with Sheridan Center staff. Nicole will report to Stacey Lawrence, Associate Director for STEM Initiatives. 

2. Writing Center
Second, we would like to announce that Charles (Charlie) Carroll, current Interim Program Manager for the Writing Center, has been appointed to a three-year term as Assistant Director of the Writing Center/Sheridan Center. As Assistant Director, Charlie will continue to lead the Writing Associates Program and he will also serve as the key dean liaison for students needing Writing Check (now termed "Writing Support," or WSUP, as of Fall 2020) and CAS support. Additionally, Charlie will continue his work with the Graduate School to offer dissertation writing retreats and writing groups to support graduate student writers. 

(3) Sheridan Center
Christina Smith has been promoted to Associate Director for Undergraduate STEM Development, in recognition of her achievements in creating multiple new programs to support Brown undergraduates as teachers. Christina will also be collaborating with Nicole on the Science Center’s STEM pre-orientation (Catalyst) and cohort (New Scientist) programs. Finally, we would also like to recognize Vania Figueiredo, who has been promoted to Administrative Coordinator.  

Since 2016, the Sheridan Center has functioned as Brown’s integrated teaching and learning center, bridging faculty, postdoc, graduate student, and undergraduate programs in teaching, writing, academic tutoring, and English language support, as well as organizational development support in assessment, evaluation, and evidence-based practice. We anticipate that these changes will only further the Center’s mission to promote evidence-based teaching to create an inclusive environment where all learners can succeed. 

Please join us in congratulating Charlie, Christina, Nicole, Stacey, and Vania and thanking them for their ongoing efforts to support Brown’s teaching and learning communities. 


Mary Wright
Executive Director, Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning

Rashid Zia
Dean of the College