Past Events

Writing a Teaching Statement

Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning

Many applications for faculty positions require a teaching statement/philosophy. This interactive workshop will draw on research about the use of teaching philosophies in academic job searches to identify constituents of an effective teaching statement. Participants will also gain tools to start drafting and enhancing their own statements.

Engage Learners Through Play: Gamifying Your Classroom at Brown

Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning

Game designers and educators face a similar challenge: both seek to create engaging, interactive, and intrinsically motivating learning experiences. Following Rachel Niemer’s April 5th "Going Gameful" workshop, this ITG-Sheridan Center workshop will focus on the pragmatics of classroom implementation.

Going Gameful: Level Up Your Learners' Motivation

Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning

We all want learners to be deeply engaged, to take risks and be resilient in the face of failure. To increase learner engagement we need to tap into their intrinsic motivation. Gameful pedagogy, and gameful course design in particular, is a framework for giving learners agency and supporting their intrinsic motivation inspired by game design principles. This session will explore the philosophy behind gameful pedagogy, the principles, derived from that philosophy, which can guide your course designs, and the teaching practices that can further support the intrinsic motivation of your learners. Participants will reflect on the alignment between their own teaching philosophy and gameful learning and brainstorm ways they can give students choices in how to demonstrate their learning.

What Is Problem-Solving? Reflections, Evidence, and Promise

Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning

In this workshop, we reflect on the purposes for which problem solving has previously been used in your course(s), and the further potential problem solving may have for your teaching and your students' learning. This session allows you to map your prior instruction onto evidenced-based frameworks for understanding the outcomes of problem solving.