The Photograph as Catalyst for Learning and Change

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These days, photographs and multimedia resources are integrated into many facets of teaching and learning in higher education. Making still photographs that capture the essence of our work can be an accessible and effective way to communicate what we do and value—to one another, as well as to external stakeholders and the general public. The camera can also be an effective teaching tool, helping students convey or demonstrate what they have learned and what they have come to value in their time with us.

Photographer and educator Martin Springborg will present and discuss images from an ongoing, national photographic essay and now book on teaching and learning in higher education, What Teaching Looks Like: Higher Education Through Photographs (2022). Participants will learn ways they can use photographs to document and communicate about their own work, as well as exchange ideas for incorporating photographs—and the making of photographs—in their teaching practice. 

Martin Springborg is Interim Dean of Liberal Arts and STEM at Dakota County Technical College, where he teaches photography and art history. In addition to What Teaching Looks Like, he is he co-author of Meaningful Grading: A Guide for Faculty in the Arts (2018). Martin visited Brown in 2018 and his photos can be found on the walls of the Sheridan Center. 

Please register. For accommodations or dietary requests that would enable your full inclusion in this event, please contact [email protected] by Wednesday, October 5.