Sheridan Lunch Roundtable: Developing Mindful Students

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This Sheridan roundtable will begin with a 20-minute presentation, followed by discussion and Q&A, drawing from Brown faculty member Eric Louck’s recent book, The Mindful College Student: How to Succeed, Boost Well-Being, and Build the Life You Want at University and Beyond. Dr. Loucks will synthesize evidence on mindfulness programs focused on young adults’ mental and physical health, with an emphasis on a recent systematic review and meta-analysis by Dr. Loucks’s team on randomized controlled trials. Evidence will also be shown on his randomized controlled trials of the Mindfulness-Based College for Young Adults program. An experiential opportunity of mindfulness meditation will be offered, followed by roundtable discussion on the topic including exploring opportunities to provide mindfulness training for Brown students.

Please register for lunch (in person) or a Zoom link.

Biography: Eric B. Loucks, PhD, is a professor, researcher, and pioneer in the study of mindfulness and health. As director of the Mindfulness Center at Brown University, Loucks teaches mindfulness-based interventions and leads high-quality, methodologically rigorous research to investigate the science behind mindfulness and its impact on health and well-being. An expert in aging-related research, he optimizes mindfulness programs to specific age groups. He is the lead developer of Mindfulness-Based College (MBC), and has received numerous research grants from the National Institutes of Health to evaluate the effectiveness of mindfulness-based interventions, including MBC and Mindfulness-Based Blood Pressure Reduction (MB-BP). Dr. Loucks’ book entitled The Mindful College Student (New Harbinger Publications) was released in 2022. Over the course of his career, he has held teaching positions at Harvard, McGill, and Brown Universities. Loucks has practiced mindfulness for more than 20 years.