Recent News

Sheridan welcomes a new staff member, Austin Jackson

Dr. Austin Jackson will join the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning and the Nonfiction Writing Program as Visiting Assistant Professor of English and the Assistant Director of the Writing Center.

New Brown Open Classroom Weeks

Sit in on a colleague's course to learn a new approach to teaching or a different subject! Sheridan Advisory Board members and other Brown faculty will open up their classrooms to other instructors, between September 24 and October 5. We invite other instructors to attend to spark cross-university conversations about teaching and learning.

For a list of courses and to reserve a spot, please see Space is limited in each class.

Sheridan welcomes a new staff member, Christina Smith

Christina Smith, Assistant Director for Undergraduate Instructional Development, will be teaching a course on the "Theory and Teaching of Problem Solving" for the Brown Learning Collaborative.

Sheridan welcomes a new staff member, Dr. Stacey Lawrence

Starting April 3, Dr. Stacey Lawrence will serve as Assistant Director for STEM Initiatives. In this role, Stacey will support all members of Brown's STEM teaching and learning community by contributing to Sheridan Center programs and services.