Charles Carroll, Ph.D.

Charles Carroll, Ph.D.

Associate Director for Graduate Student Writing Visiting Assistant Professor of History

[email protected]

Please contact me for:

  • Designing formal and informal writing assignments which support your course’s learning objectives.
  • How to teach students to write within your course.
  • How to get students excited about writing in your course.
  • Questions regarding the Sheridan-RISD Museum Collaborative Workshop Series, or about using the RISD Museum for your course.

Charlie has worked with the Sheridan Center/Writing Center since 2014, where he first served as Writing Associate, Teaching Consultant (and as Head Teaching Consultant for Humanities and Social Sciences from 2018-2019), and Interdisciplinary Fellow in the Humanities. In 2018-2019, he was a Faculty Fellow at Wheaton College in Massachusetts. Before coming to Brown, he worked in both healthcare and at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. A first-generation college student, he holds a B.A. in history and religious studies from Saint Michael's College, an M.A. in history from both the University of Massachusetts Boston and Brown University, and a Ph.D. in history from Brown University.

Charlie is interested in composition and rhetoric pedagogies, active lecturing practices, and self-deterministic pedagogies. His teaching interests are in the pedagogy of writing, as well as the history of Paris, early and medieval Christian demonology, and the Crusades. His pedagogical research is on the use of authentic writing assignments and the use of writing as a mode of experiential learning. His historical research combines the histories of rhetoric, education, the body, and masculinities to consider how gendered discourses shaped the institutional identity of the nascent University of Paris in the 12th and 13th centuries. He was recently named a co-recipient (with graduate proctor Britt Threatt) of the Council on College Composition and Communication's Emergent Researcher Award. His historical research was recently published in the journal Viator.