Jillian Turbitt

Jillian Turbitt

Learning Technologist for Medical Education

[email protected]

Please contact me for:

  • Medical School Canvas Courses
  • Medical School Panopto Questions
  • Zoom Support for Med School Courses
  • ExamSoft/Examplify Support
  • Oasis Support 

Jillian received her M.Ed. in Educational Media and Technology at Boston University. Before joining Brown in 2007 she worked at the BU School of Medicine developing distance learning courses for the World Health Organization, the Family Medicine clerkship, and for BostonBreathes, an interactive clinical website that allowed pediatric asthma patients to track and report their symptoms. 

As the Marketing and Social Media manager of the Choices Program at Brown, Jillian oversaw multiple website redesigns in an effort to make the site more useful to teachers and students. She also helped create digital learning objects that are used in conjunction with Choices printed curriculum units as well as a digital version of the Choices curriculum.