Naomi Pariseault

Naomi Pariseault

Senior Learning Designer

[email protected]

Please contact me for:

  • Online, blended, hybrid, and face-to-face course design and development
  • Gamification design for learning and story-based design for learning
  • Student-centered, creative, and engaging learning experiences that align with course outcomes
  • Making the technology used to support learning as seamless and invisible as possible

As an instructional designer in Digital Learning & Design here at Brown University, Naomi likes to consider her role to be best articulated as a learning engineer and experience designer. She believes that learning is a multifaceted experience (engaging, inspiring, challenging, etc.) and should serve as a catalyst for reflection, change, and appreciation of our world. With ten years of experience in the instructional design field, Naomi loves to experiment with new design approaches and can quickly navigate between creative/practical and details/big picture seamlessly. Her specialty is online and blended course design, though she has affinities for project management, visual design, UX/UI design, and library related work. She is a certified Master Craftsman in gamification design for learning and has earned the Level 1, 2, and 3 Certifications from Sententia Gamification. She is also a certified facilitator for teaching the Level 1 Certification Program. Gamification design is by far her most favorite approach of learning design. One of the Brown undergraduate courses she designed with Professor Jim Egan, "Fantastic Places, Unhuman Humans," won two international awards for excellence in gamification design. Naomi holds an M.A. in English Literature and a Master in Library and Information Studies (MLIS) from the University of Rhode Island.