Interested in creating an opportunity for novice instructors to practice their teaching and communication skills and get constructive feedback in an informal, low-stakes format? Looking for a way to give TAs a chance to observe and learn from how others teach? Then consider setting up a microteaching session, in which participants each give a brief mock-teaching lesson and get peer feedback immediately afterwards.

Microteaching offers participants an opportunity to do a practice teaching session and receive feedback from peers within their specific discipline, as well as general feedback from a Sheridan Center staff member. In a microteaching session, each participant gives a five-minute mock teaching lesson on a chosen subject with explicit pedagogical goals and then receives feedback on his/her teaching style in general and his/her effectiveness in achieving the stated goals. These sessions are usually conducted in a small group (~four presenters) within a department, though departments from similar disciplines are welcome to join together. Each participant has an opportunity to see how others perceive his/her teaching style, to observe and evaluate a variety of teaching approaches, and to learn how to share observations constructively with others.

Departments are welcome to conduct microteaching sessions as part of their departmental TA training or professional development programs.

To schedule a Microteaching Session, fill out an online request form at least two weeks prior to the date when you would like the session to be held. The Sheridan Center will notify you via email once your Microteaching Session has been successfully scheduled. This typically occurs within several work days after an online request has been submitted.