Welcome to Vertex

Peers helping peers reach the summit of academic success through an online interface that fosters small group learning and the deepening of students’ quantitative reasoning skills.

Vertex is an online 6-week pre-calculus program designed to better prepare students to the academic rigor and culture at Brown.  

What to expect?

Students should expect to dedicate approximately 7-10 hours a week watching videos, engaging in adaptive learning exercises, and participating in virtual team meetings with program mentors. There is also an entrance and exit exercise. This self-paced quantitative learning program runs June 29 through August 7.

Week at-a-glance:

Students complete two math topic modules each week (e.g. quadratic functions and measuring angles with arc length).
Example module:

  1. Watch a set of videos related to a math topic
  2. Practice learning objectives in an online quizzing tool until 90% proficiency is attained
  3. Apply what you have learned
    1. Reading, 2-3 pages
    2. Reflection, discussion board topic
    3. Virtual team discussion
    4. Quiz
  4. Explore the topic further through online videos and peer-to-peer discussions

Why you should participate?

  1. It’s free! There’s absolutely no cost to participants.
  2. Meet fellow Brunionians by creating new connections before arriving to campus.
  3. Get a jump-start, brush-up on pre-calculus skills before classes begin.
  4. It’s online, enabling you to access program content and meet with team members from the comfort of home.

Key Program dates

Vertex kicks-off on Monday, June 29, and ends on Friday, August 7
Celebratory dinner for students, mentors, and staff late September 2020 (date TBD)