Vertex Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Vertex sounds interesting, but what am I signing-up for?

Vertex is an innovative 6-week pre-calculus program designed to prepare you for the expectations of Math 0050 (Analytic Geometry and Calculus), Math 0090 (Introductory Calculus I) or Math 0100 (Introductory Calculus II). You will have access to program content 24 hours a day, allowing you to enjoy your summer activities and commitments. You should expect to dedicate approximately 7-10 hours a week watching videos, engaging in adaptive learning exercises, and participating in virtual team meetings with program mentors. There is also an entrance and exit exercise. You must complete all components of the program in order to complete Vertex.

What are the benefits of participating in Vertex?

You can expect to learn about important math topics that will better position you to succeed in your transition to college. You will make connections with other incoming students and program mentors before stepping foot on campus and have the opportunity to ask lots of questions.  Program mentors will offer insight about the expectations of college and introduce many of the student support resources that are available to you.

What do I need to participate?

You need a computer or tablet and access to the internet. 

How much does it cost to participate?

Vertex is free!

Who are the Program Mentors?

Program Mentors are Brown undergraduates who work as peer tutors for the University’s Academic Tutoring Program.  Mentors have demonstrated proficiency in coursework and thoroughly enjoy teaching peers and making learning fun. They are all jazzed about the program and can’t wait to meet you!

How are team meetings scheduled?

You will have the opportunity to sign-up for team meeting times that are compatible with your summer schedule at the time you confirm your participation in Vertex. Mentors will meet with you and other team members via Zoom videoconferencing (Zoom is free to members of the Brown community). During online meetings, mentors will check for understanding of topics through guided group discussion and problem-solving.

Do I need to be on Brown’s campus to participate?

No, all program material is online.  You can access program content anywhere you have internet access.

Is academic credit given for participating in Vertex?

No.  You can expect to gain valuable insight about life at Brown and develop a deeper understanding of pre-calculus topics.

How long is the program?  When does Vertex start and end?

Vertex is a 6-week program, kicking-off Monday, June 29, and ending Friday, August 7.

How do I apply?

Vertex application

When is the application deadline?

June 14, 2020 11:59 PM EDT