Virtual Excellence@Brown

In 2020, Excellence at Brown hosted a series of webinars featuring panel discussions by Excellence student leaders and facilitators, distinguished Brown professors, and Writing Center staff members.

This Excellence At Brown webinar series will help incoming students understand the centrality of writing within Brown’s Open Curriculum, offer strategies for achieving writing excellence, share writing support resources across the curriculum (STEM, social sciences, and humanities concentrators), and gain insight into how writing is meaningful both within and beyond classroom settings at Brown. 

Module #1: Excellence Student Panel - Navigating Writing Culture At Brown 

  • In this dynamic panel presentation, Excellence At Brown student leaders share their personal experiences cultivating successful writing habits at Brown.

Module #2: Excellence Faculty Panel - Writing Excellence @ Brown

  • This lively, interactive faculty conversation explores writing culture at Brown and the role of writing within their own research, teaching, and professional work.

Module #3: Excellence Writing Center Presentation - Writing Communities @ Brown

  • Writing Center staff members provide a comprehensive presentation of writing resources and undergraduate writing communities at Brown.