Writing Center Proctorship in Academic Administration

The Writing Center Proctorship in Academic Administration offers graduate students the opportunity to (1) gain experience with co-curricular graduate-level teaching and curriculum building, such as writing center retreats and professional development meetings and leading graduate writing groups, (2) collaborate with academic support services across campus, and (3) build administrative leadership skills.

The Writing Center Proctor in Academic Administration will hold a one-year assistantship in the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning under the direction of the Associate Director of the Writing Center, Dr. Stacy Kastner.  The Associate Director of the Writing Center works closely with the Office of the Dean of the College to develop policies and procedures for administering Brown’s writing requirement; consults with faculty about integrating writing into their courses, particularly through models of peer response; collaborates with academic student services across campus to support student success; and provides administrative leadership and direction for the Excellence at Brown summer bridge program, the Writing Center, and the Writing Fellows Program, which together serve over 3,000 and employ over 100 graduate and undergraduate Brown students every year.

Partnering with the Associate Director, the Graduate Fellow will participate in projects and initiatives that support students and faculty teaching, learning, and doing writing across the curriculum. The Graduate Fellow will facilitate ongoing community writing support for alums of the Writing Center’s summer and winter dissertation retreats. Additionally, the Graduate Fellow will attend Writing Center and Sheridan Center professional development meetings, and coordinate the Writing Center’s well-established Graduate Writing Associate mentoring program. Lastly, the student will have the opportunity, in dialogue with the Associate Director, to propose and develop a project of their choice based on their interests and professional goals.

This opportunity is particularly suited for students interested in exploring careers in writing program and center administration, faculty and graduate student development (Centers for Teaching and Learning), academic student support services, or higher education administration. Students with interdisciplinary research and/or teaching interests that center on critical pedagogy, nonhierarchical learning environments and methodologies, structural barriers to academic success for students from underrepresented groups, or who have experience teaching writing in international contexts are especially encouraged to apply.


The time devoted to the proctorship will not exceed an average of up to 20 hours per week for the 2018-2019 academic year. They will meet regularly with the Associate Director of the Writing Center, attend Writing Center professional development workshops, will join the Associate Director of the Writing Center at campus-wide meetings related to student support services and the writing requirement, and will be required to provide feedback on the experience through the Proctorships Experience Survey administered at the end of the semester.


Doctoral students in the Humanities and Social Sciences who are receiving stipends from the Graduate School (not external funding), who have reached candidacy, and who will be in year 4 through 6 during the 2018-2019 academic year are eligible to apply. Please note that strong preference will be given to applicants in years 5 and 6. (Interested students outside the Humanities and Social Sciences are encouraged to be in touch with Associate Dean Vanessa Ryan, Graduate School.)

Ideal candidates will have:

  • At least two years of experience teaching and/or tutoring college writing
  • Demonstrated commitment to ongoing professional development in post-secondary education (e.g. pedagogy or education courses; Sheridan certificates, workshops, talks; Other campus or external opportunities)
  • Demonstrated ability to do self-directed work (e.g. departmental service or leadership in home department or discipline)
  • Demonstrated commitment to inclusive pedagogy (e.g. coursework, classroom/teaching artifacts, teaching philosophy, service, workshops/lectures)
  • Evidence of scholarly activity in writing

Funding and Award

The Graduate School will support  the academic year stipend, tuition, health insurance, dental insurance and coverage of the health services fee.


Students interested should apply in UFUNDS by 5:00pm on Monday, March 19th. Please be prepared to upload:  

  1. Current CV
  2. Position Statement (1 page) stating: (1) your interest in writing center work, (2) a particular project you would be interested in taking up as the Graduate Fellow in the Writing Center, and (3) looking forward, address how this opportunity relates to your future career goals
  3. Brief notes of support from: (1) Director of Graduate Studies (DGS)  and (2) Your Faculty Advisor

Students with questions are encouraged to email Stacy Kastner ([email protected]) or to stop into the Writing Center on the 5th Floor of the Sciences Library (Stacy’s open calendar appointments).