Qualitative Data Analysis Proctor

Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning Qualitative Data Analysis Proctor

This proctorship offers doctoral students the opportunity to gain experience in educational assessment. There is a robust job market for assessment of learning in higher education. In addition, experience conducting assessment projects is valued by faculty search committees. This proctorship will allow a graduate student to explore what assessment of learning means in the context of a center for teaching and learning. The proctor will collaborate with Sheridan staff to analyze survey data about instructors’ and students’ experiences during emergency remote instruction, in order to make evidence-based recommendations for teaching and learning. 

The proctorship will offer an opportunity to develop a range of professional competencies, including increased knowledge about assessment of learning in the higher education context; the ability to communicate results with stakeholders across disciplines and units; the development of interpersonal capacities, including an increased ability to contribute to collaborative or team projects and act on feedback, and the development of research skills used in the scholarship of teaching and learning. 

The Sheridan Center welcomes applications from graduate students from a range of diverse backgrounds who are eager to collaborate with us on educational assessment in support of inclusive, evidence-based teaching and professional development.

This proctorship will involve a range of research activities, but expected assignments include: the systematic organization of qualitative data, thematic coding of data, descriptive data analysis, and assessment report writing. The proctor will be expected to meet weekly via phone or video conference with Associate Director Eric Kaldor to discuss project responsibilities and receive feedback. In order to perform the proctorship successfully, applicants should demonstrate some experience with qualitative data analysis, strong attention to detail, the ability to work collaboratively, meet deadlines, and have some familiarity with the literature on inclusive, evidence-based teaching and learning (e.g., have participated in Sheridan or departmental pedagogy-focused programs or training). Proctors are expected to devote 20 hours/week over 5 weeks.

These proctorships are intended for PhD students whose total summer support would otherwise fall below the equivalent of three months of the standard academic-year stipend amount ($8,758.68).  Students who have already applied for and been approved for the Summer Fellowship ($2,000) should note that if they receive a Summer Position (with a $3,400 stipend), it will take the full place of the Summer Fellowship (both awards cannot be maintained).

Doctoral students in any discipline must have experience with qualitative research methodologies, particularly with open-ended coding, working with Excel or any statistical package, and have facility with simple descriptive statistics (i.e., means, frequencies); preference for candidates with demonstrated knowledge of evidence-based inclusive teaching practices (e.g., participated in Sheridan or departmental pedagogy-focused programs or training)

Available in UFunds, under “Graduate School 2020 Summer Positions,” under “Graduate School COVID-19 Fund.”

Application Deadline
All applications received by May 13 will receive priority review. (Applications can be submitted after that deadline for any unfilled positions.)

Time Commitment
The time commitment expected is approximately 100 hours over Summer 2020.