8 Reasons Why Prezi Is Not Recommended For Teaching

Prezi is a presentation tool, similar to PowerPoint and Keynote. We offer the following list to consider if you are thinking about using Prezi.

  1. Prezi does not support Disability Access and is not compliant with the ADA.
  2. Because features such as zooming in and out or rotating the visual field place a high demand on the learner’s cognitive load, Prezi focuses learners attention on the visuals, distracting the learners from the content and the instructor.
  3. Prezi can cause motion sickness, which can be highly distracting for anyone in the audience.
  4. Creating a Prezi presentation can take the instructor’s focus away from more important learner-centered activities such as developing active learning strategies and engaging assignments.
  5. Most good talks with Prezi use features that could have been done in any other type of slide presentation software, so it is not worth the time invested to overcome the learning curve.
  6. Learning Prezi can be time intensive, and faculty are time-poor.
  7. You don’t own your presentations, they live on prezi.com, unless you purchase a copy of the desktop version of the program.
  8. Prezi presentations are not easily portable to other formats, such as PowerPoint or KeyNote.