The Office of Sustainability works to create opportunities where students can use campus as a living lab and work on projects that will improve their academic and professional skills, all while providing our office with creativity, passion, perspective, and talent.  The office currently employs fifteen paid interns who work on or support a variety of sustainability-related topics including recycling, compost, marketing and design, sustainable transportation, food waste, and green tour options.

Meet Our Interns

Ruitian Yan


Ruitian is a senior concentrating in Environmental Science- Air Climate and Energy track. She is co-leading the office's Clean Break donation program which partners with local organizations in need while diverting waste from our landfill. When Ruitian is not interning in the office, you can spot her everywhere- diving in the compost bins, climbing up a tree, covered in dirt on the city farm, dashing in the rain... And she can’t live without new things!

Julia Rothfield


Julia is a senior concentrating in Environmental Science with a focus on Air, Climate, and Energy. She's currently working on the Sustainability Showdown panels and the Reframing Sustainability campaign, which seeks to show everyone in the Brown community how they are part of making the world sustainable. In her free time, she loves leading trips for the Brown Outing Club and baking all kinds of desserts.

Melissa Lopez


Melissa is a junior at Brown, concentrating in Environmental Science. She is developing and implementing a Brown Dining Marketing plan and prioritizing energy conservation on campus. Additionally, Melissa is developing content for the new newsletter. In her free time, you can find Melissa running, baking or looking at maps. 

Isabela von Dehl


Isabela is a sophomore student who’s passionate about sustainability and environmental activism. She’s currently working to develop a newsletter template and use social media to promote different programs for the Office of Sustainability. She’s also working on creating and implementing a marketing plan for Brown Dining. In her free time, Isabela loves reading, dancing, and making new friends!

Zihan Chen


Zihan is a senior undergrad concentrating in Geophysics. Originally from Hangzhou, China, Zihan is helping Brown to track its nitrogen footprint from food waste and fuel consumption. Meanwhile, He is doing research on green building certifications for future construction on campus. Outside the classroom, you can often find Zihan playing basketball in the OMAC, cooking Chinese food at home, and taking long walks to the India Point Park.

Daniel Traver

small_Daniel Traver.PNG

Daniel is the Office of Sustainability's energy intern. A senior studying environmental engineering, he is interested in renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, and sustainable design. He loves to play guitar, sing, enjoys a good game of Mario Baseball on GameCube, and is a proud member of The Brown Derbies.  

Katie Yetter


Katie is a second-year Cognitive Neuroscience Concentrator, Resumed Undergraduate Education student, and student Veteran. Originally growing up in Indiana, then living in Connecticut, Katie is well-versed in the 4-H Program, as well as the National FFA Program. Katie is passionate about the environment, as well as the Farm-to-Table program, where local agriculture and daily meals coincide. Her other interests include going to the gym, listening to music, and riding motorcycles.

Lenika Rivas Sanchez


Lenika is a sophomore concentrating in Environmental Studies with a focus on Environment and Inequality. As an intern with the Office of Sustainability, she will be working with the Energy Conservation Committee to come up with news to provide Brown's students with energy education. She will also be assisting the office with the new Waste Plan Initiative. Beyond her environmental activism, Lenika enjoys hiking, watching indie films, and participating in her Latinx community.

Arden Reynolds


Arden is a sophomore studying English and planning to go into education. One of her major goals before and during her teaching career involves creating a sustainable environment that can support her students (and everyone else). As such, she has been involved with sustainability campaigns since middle school and continues to do sustainability work at Brown through the internship program and more. Beyond environmental initiatives, Arden enjoys teaching, reading, playing the French horn, and running. 

TzuHwan Seet

small_Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 10.34.55 AM.png

TzuHwan (Hwan) is a sophomore intending to concentrate in Economics and Computer Science. As someone passionate about how technology transforms our society and the environment, he is an Ethics Teaching Assistant who wants to integrate better ethical reflectivity in the introductory Computer Science courses. Hwan is also a really excited International Mentoring Program Mentor! When Hwan is not interning in the office, you can spot him at Shiru Cafe talking to people about sustainable practices and some philosophy about Rick & Morty! 

DeeAnn Guo


DeeAnn is a junior concentrating in Neuroscience. She is working on energy conservation and compost volunteer management, as well as revamping and expanding the Eco-to-Go container program, which provides reusable food containers at dining halls. In her free time, she enjoys reading, walks, and talking about compost!

Andrea Malpica


Andrea is a senior concentrating in Environmental Science with a focus on Air, Climate, and Energy. She led the first Winter Donation Drive last year which donates clothing to first-generation and low-income students in need while diverting waste from the landfill. She also works on transportation education, developing and encouraging green modes on transportation. During her free time, she enjoys vegan food, making new friends, working out,  and exploring!

Anabelle Johnston

small_Anabelle for website-01.jpg

Anabelle is a freshman intending to concentrate in literary arts and history. She is interested in pursuing environmental education and promoting environmental equality and will be assisting with the Office of Sustainability’s newsletter initiative. When not participating in environmental initiatives, she can be found reading in one of the campus greenhouses, making vegan mac-and-cheese, or bumbling around Providence. ​