Welcome to the online home of Brown's Office of Sustainability where you can find information on the University’s sustainability programs and related goals, Campus as a Living Lab initiatives, community projects, and sustainability-related student groups. Additionally, this website supports sharing sustainability-related academic and research information for the Brown community. Brown has a unique role in contributing research, fostering innovation, and providing a model for environmental sustainability to the community and beyond. We strive to contribute to building a clean, just, and responsible global environment.

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Brown's Office of Sustainability works to achieve Brown University’s Energy and Environment Mission Statement:

In order to develop sustainable and equitable patterns of local and global resource use, Brown University will minimize its energy use, reduce negative environmental impacts and promote environmental stewardship. Brown will use the opportunities created by these actions to further its educational, research and service missions.

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The Office of Sustainability is committed to achieving sustained energy and environmental performance. This requires an ongoing, integrated and systematic approach to energy management including assessing performance, setting goals, creating an action plan and tracking and communicating results. Facilities Management has set energy and environmental goals and created the necessary processes, management systems, and communication tools to achieve these goals. The Office of Sustainability tracks progress towards meeting these goals and communicates results through an annual Sustainability Progress Report Update.

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