Application Process

  1. Create an account
    Both nominators and nominees must sign up individually for Givepulse accounts to access their respective application.
  2. Complete applications
    The NOMINATOR will be responsible for filling out the nominator online form (PDF for planning purposes). Application forms can be saved as drafts. Upon completion of the nominee information fields, an automatic notification will be sent to your nominee. Upon application submission, your nominee will receive a copy of your answers.

    NOMINEES will be responsible for filling out the nominee online form (PDF for planning purposes), independent of the nominator. Where responses or supporting documentation are required, the nominee will upload those documents into the application form. Further, endorsements from individuals familiar with one or more aspects of the nominee's work can be included in the supporting documentation.

    It is advised that nominators and nominees draft their answers in a separate document, then copy and paste the answers from the saved document into the fields on the application. Application questions have limited word counts. You will find a work counter at the bottom of each question.

    Applicants may save applications as drafts at any time and return to finish later. 

    Responses to questions marked with a red asterisk (*) are required in order for the application to be submitted. 

    Frequently asked questions about the Lynton Award are available online. Questions regarding the application process should be addressed to Julie Plaut, the Swearer Center's Director of Faculty Engagement and Research, by email at [email protected] (subject line: “Lynton Award Help”) or by phone at (401) 863-6282. 

The Lynton Award application deadline is June 1st at 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST).