Award Checklist

To ensure that the application is complete, please confirm that the following information is included and that no files exceed 25 MB:

Nominator Application Form

  • Nominator’s bio & demographic information

Nominee Application Form

  • At least one but no more than three syllabi, if available.
  • Nominee’s CV or resume.
  • Nominee’s headshot.
  • Nominee’s bio & demographic information.
  • Contact Information for Nominee, Nominator, President, Provost, Dean and Department Chair.
  • Supporting documentation (for example, letters of support from community partners or students, press releases, faculty web sites, abstracts from grant proposals).
    • Supporting documents should not exceed 10 pages and must be uploaded in a single file (compressed files are acceptable), which cannot exceed 25 MB. We do not accept links to websites. Instead, nominees should copy and paste materials from websites and include that information as part of the Supporting Documentation file.

Please note: Applicants who submit Lynton Award nominations incorrectly or without required information (such as syllabi or supporting documentation) will have a maximum of 24 hours to correct errors or omissions.

We invite nominees to upload related supporting documents in a single folder named with the nominee's name through the application upload link.