Supporting Documents

The following supporting documents should be in the file when it is uploaded:

  1. General Supporting Documents:
    1. Please upload any supporting documentation relevant to the nominee’s community engagement (e.g., letters of support from community partners or students, press releases, faculty web pages, abstracts from grant proposals, etc.).
    2. Supporting documents should not exceed 10 pages (combined) and must be uploaded in a single file.
    3. PDF files are recommended.
    4. Compressed files (e.g., .zip format) will be accepted.
    5. We do not accept links to websites. Instead, nominators should copy and paste materials from websites and include that information as part of the Supporting Documentation file.
    6. Once uploaded, files will be listed above the file upload box. If necessary, you can replace an uploaded file by simply deleting the file and uploading a new one.
  2. Teaching and Learning: Document Upload
    1. Please provide at least one but no more than three syllabi that illustrate community engaged teaching and learning.
    2. Note: The uploaded syllabus (or syllabi) will not be counted toward the word limit for this section. The nominee must also grant or deny permission to post his or her syllabi to the Swearer Center website.
  3. Please provide an electronic copy of your CV or resume with nominee name as the file name.
  4. Please upload a digital color headshot photo of yourself with nominee name as the file name.