National Assessment for Service and Community Engagement (NASCE)

NASCE is an institutional assessment tool for measuring how well participating colleges and universities fulfill their missions as they relate to service and community engagement. Institutions of higher education often state their commitment to service and community engagement in their mission statements, but lack the necessary data to demonstrate adequate fulfillment of that commitment. The National Assessment of Service and Community Engagement (NASCE) -- developed by Siena's Dr. Don Levy and Dr. Mathew Johnson -- comprehensively measures the rate, frequency and depth of student community service across nine areas of human need, and assesses student perceptions of, motivations for and obstacles to service, as well as institutional structures that impact service participation.

To date, the web-based NASCE survey has been completed by more than 64,000 undergraduate students from approximately 100 colleges and universities across the country.


Our NASCE has been extremely useful. We draw on it for marketing purposes but that is only secondary. The primary value for this report is informing and focusing our civic engagement efforts for the next few years. From the findings, we have a grasp of the key areas where Allegheny College is making an impact in the community and the areas where we have significant opportunity to improve. We are sincerely grateful to Siena College and the staff of the Research Institute that have partnered with us in this important project.

–David Roncolato, Ph.D., Director of Community Service and Service-Learning, Center for Experiential Learning