National Inventory for Institutional Infrastructure on Community Engagement (NI³CE)

The National Inventory for Institutional Infrastructure on Community Engagement (NI3CE, NIIICE) is a free institutional assessment tool to map infrastructure of campuses and community engagement centers vis-à-vis different types of institutions who were successful in completing the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification. It can typically be completed by an administrator or committee. Most questions are completed with easily available institutional and center data. Your institutional data is added to a growing national database that can be used for benchmarking and research. 

Watch a brief video description below (please note that the tool is now free for all campuses):


Beginning in the fall of 2017, NI³CE underwent revision and redevelopment as part of the College and University Initiative at Brown University. Researchers at Brown (Johnson and Manok), together with the founders of the tool (Saltmarsh and Welch) took the existing tool apart, systematically examined the strengths of each question within the context of field knowledge and the Carnegie Classification and reconceived a more robust NI³CE 2.0. This new version has approximately 150 indicators/items with a streamlined pull-down menu for more efficient responses and results. It has been adopted by Campus Compact in lieu of their annual census survey for 2018.