NI³CE Institutes & Webinars

NI³CE Institutes provide the “gift of time” where center directors and their immediate administrator supervisor convene with colleagues from around the country to review their inventory results. The report is useful for strategic planning and preparation to apply or re-apply for the Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement. While the NI³CE provides valuable information, the institute is the “bow on the package” where rich dialogue and cross-pollination of ideas occur. There have been four institutes with more to come.

  • Drawing Blueprints and Building Architecture for Constructing Campus Centers of Engagement -- Saint Mary’s College of California – July, 2016, hosted by Campus Compact
  • Civic Learning & Democratic Engagement Meeting – June, 2017, hosted by the American Democracy Project/AASCU & NASPA
  • Engaged Campus Institute & Carnegie Academy – November, 2017, hosted by the American Democracy Project/AASCU & NASPA
  • Assessing Our Work & Carnegie Academy – November, 2017, hosted by Collaboratory & Washington Campus Compact

Interested institutions complete the NI³CE in advance and submit an application to participate. The application articulates the goals of the center and institution to advance community engagement on campus and in the community, as well as the challenges they are facing, rather than tout their current accomplishments. Accepted teams are limited to and require three participants: a) a campus or center coordinator of community engagement, b) their immediate administrative supervisor and c) a colleague from a related office or program. The institute is limited to a small number of teams to ensure intimacy and efficiency of interaction. The NI³CE institute is either one day or a day and a half long consisting of three parts:

  • Overview/history of the NI³CE and unpacking the data results
  • Strategic planning for participating teams
  • Report out by teams with friendly critique by colleagues and dialogue

CUEI hosted a series of webinars on the NI³CE this spring. Watch the video below for a recap of the content covered in a webinar delivered April 18, 2018.