1988- Student on Financial Aid (SOFA) becoms a recognized student organization

2002- University commits to need-blind admission for domestic applicants starting with the Class of 2007.

2004- Sidney E. Frank '42 establishes Endowed Scholarship Fund.

2004- Tiffany Donnelly '06 and Dean Linda Dunleavy initiate First-Generation College student programming.

2007- Students organize a first-generation college mentoring group with support from a cohort of administrators and faculty.

July 2007- Maitrayee Bhattacharyya '91 is appointed as the inaugural dean in the College responsible for advising and supporting Sidney Frank Scholars.

2008- A first-generation college student organization is established from the mentoring group and becomes recognized by UCS. Alumni donations and support from Campus Life help expand programming.

2009- Brown's Office of Undergraduate Admission partners with QuestBridge.

2010- First-Generation College Students becomes an official initiative.

2013- Emily Gonzalez `13 and Bryant Estrada `13 collaborate with campus administrators to introduce the blue first-gen cord as a new commencement tradition.

Spring 2014- Seven students from the Class of 2016 create a Group Independent Study Project (GISP) on the first-generation college student experience.

Summer 2014- Jessica Brown '16, Stanley Stewart '16, and Manuel Contreras '16 receive the Social Innovation Fellowship to continue their work.

February 2015- The inaugural 1vyG Conference is hosted at Brown University.

Spring 2015- Momentum from 1vyG inspires student advocacy for more support. Led by Viet Nguyen '17 & Emily Doglio '17, First-Gens@Brown becomes a recognized student organization, and the group collectively drafts a proposal for a First-Gen center.

Fall 2015- The University commits to establishing a center.

February 2016- University creates new Assistant Dean for Financial Advising position aimed to advise and support low-income students.

April 2016- Students successfully advocate for the inclusion of "Low- Income Students" in the name of the center.

Summer 2016- Vernicia Elie is appointed as the inaugural Assistant Dean of the College for Financial Advising.

September 2016- Brown considers undocumented & DACA students as domestic applicants and The Undocumented and DACA Student Initiative is created as a program of The FLi Center.

September 2016- The First Generation College and Low-Income Student Center (The FLi Center) officially opens at Brown.

April 2017- In response to student-led "No Apologies" Initiative, Brown waives the application fee for low-income undergraduates.

April 2017- Julio Reyes '12 is selected as the inaugural Program Director of the FLi Center.