Our Team

The work of the Undocumented, First-Generation College, and Low-Income Student Center would not be possible without our team of student staffers.  Check out our staffers and get to know our team. 


  • Adela Herce

    FLi Scholars Program Coordinator

    Adela Herce '22 is the FLi Scholars Program Coordinator at the U-FLi Center. She immigrated from the Philippines to the Bay Area. Adela is concentrating in Biochemistry and planning on going to medical school. In her free time she likes to cook, do makeup, and play Smite!

  • Heidy Mejia-Puerta

    Undergraduate Community Engagement Coordinator

    Heidy Mejia-Puerta (she/her/hers) is the Undergraduate Community Engagement Coordinator at the U-FLi Center. She is a Junior double concentrating in Education Studies and Latin American Studies. Heidy’s grounding framework for her work is ensuring that students are able to build community without the necessity of trauma bonding. Heidy identifies as a queer, Latinx woman who loves sleep, watching Big Brother, and cooking Mexican dishes.

  • Sahdiah Cox

    Resource Engagement Coordinator

    Sahdiah Cox is the Resource Engagement Coordinator for the U-FLi Center. She is an Applied Mathematics/Computer Science concentrator with a focus in Linguistics. As a low-income student from Virginia, she is extremely passionate about making sure everyone has access to resources to help them thrive. When not working, she can be found playing video games or collecting more dice for Dungeons and Dragons.

  • Donnell Williamson

    U-FLi Graduate Community Coordinator

    Donnell A. Williamson, Jr. (he/him) is the Graduate Community and Engagement Coordinator at the U-FLi Center. He is a 2nd year PhD student in Religion and Critical Thought at Brown. He is a first-generation alumnus of Morehouse College where he received a B.A. in Sociology and Emory University where he received his Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree. In his spare time, Donnell enjoys spending time with friends and family, listening to music, reading and writing, playing tennis, and traveling. Donnell is a native of Shelby, NC.

  • Antonio Almazan

    Digital Communications Coordinator

    Antonio (Tony) Almazan`22 (he/him/his) is the Digital Communications Coordinator for the U-FLi Center.  He is a first-generation college student from a Mexican household in Los Angeles.  Tony is currently planning to concentrate in Biology with the goal of going to medical school and increasing the Latinx representation in the medical field and general STEM community. His hobbies include watching basketball, running, making Spotify playlists, and playing video games.

  • Kira Dubose

    Graphic Designer and Publicity Coordinator

    Kira DuBose (‘22) is the Graphic Designer at the U-FLi Center. She is a fourth year Dual Degree student concentrating in psychology at Brown and majoring in animation at RISD. Outside of the center, she’s involved with many identity-based groups including B.O.M.B.S and Brown Black Hairitage. She also works as a designer for DESIGNxRI; and is always excited to talk about the arts with other U-FLi students.

  • Sibeles Torres

    Migration Studies Initiative Student Coordinator

    Sibeles Torres '22 (they/them/theirs) is the Migration Studies Initiative Student Coordinator at the U-FLi Center. They are a first-generation college student from Houston, Texas and a senior concentrating in Ethnic Studies with a focus on Texas education. Their pastimes include performing mariachi, playing guitar and video games, and enjoying the outdoors.