FLi Scholars Program

FLi Scholars Program (FLiSP)  

FLiSP is a year-long student development and community building cohort program for first-year students who identify with any of the following student populations served by the U-FLi Center: undocumented, first-generation-college and/or low-income (U-FLi). 

The program supports students' transition from high school to college by providing: 

  • individualized strengths-based advising
  • comprehensive understanding of campus resources
  • an affirming community of peers and staff who serve as a support system 

Build community 

“These gatherings are probably some of the most memorable experiences of community I have felt this first year. They always made me feel so empowered and strong by the end and I felt ready to tackle whatever social or emotional challenge I had been dealing with that week. It was so reassuring to know that there was a group of people I could be my authentic self with and never feel the fear of being judged or hurt.” – FLi Scholar 

Access resources 

“I had some big mental health issues come up and disrupt my first year at Brown but this cohort experience helped me use resources like CAPS, Student Support Services Deans, Academic Deans, and incompletes. I was comfortable going to my professor and school staff for help since this cohort experience de-stigmatized asking for help. After being in this cohort, I view asking for help and advocating for oneself to be a strength not a weakness.” – FLi Scholar 


“I think the most significant change in myself has been gaining the ability to self-reflect and act upon my reflections. After all the hours spent in gatherings and in our 1:1s, I found myself mulling over my own life, experiences, feelings, etc, and that wasn't something I really did before. But now I am thankful to have practiced this skill over the past year because it has given me access to understanding myself and what I need. This self-awareness has been very helpful in letting me know what I got to do to be better and address the things I am unsatisfied with in life, and thanks to the constant positive encouragement and accountability provided by FLiSP, I have learned how to act upon this knowledge to make myself happier and set myself up for greater success.” – FLi Scholar 

Program Components 

FLiSP consists of: 

  1. Bi-weekly Cohort Gatherings (Collaborative Programming)
  2. Bi-weekly Check-ins with Professional Staff (Strength-Based Holistic Advising) 
  3. Off-campus Outings (Community Building) 

FLiSP’s cohort gatherings create the opportunity for first-years to build meaningful relationships with each other while learning helpful tools to thrive at Brown. 

Additionally, FLi scholars have the chance to meet with a U-FLi Center staff advisor on a bi-weekly basis to check-in about first-year experiences, work towards identified goals together and receive needed guidance and socio-emotional support.

As a FLiSP scholar, you will:

  • Build a community of peers and staff who serve as a support system during your first year
  • Develop reflective skills that challenge you and support your own personal growth 
  • Establish connections to leadership opportunities tailored to your own interests
  • Develop comprehensive understanding of campus resources
  • Have access to strengths-based  advising with FLiSP staff throughout the year
  • Receive a $2,000 annual academic year stipend for completing program requirements
  • Receive guaranteed funding for a summer SPRINT opportunity 

As a FLiSP scholar, you commit to: 

  • Attend all scheduled FLiSP cohort gatherings throughout the academic year
  • Actively participate in FLiSP gathering discussions 
  • Attend FLiSP off campus retreat 
  • Attend bi-weekly 1:1 meetings with FLiSP advisor
  • Proactively communicate with U-FLi Center staff if you cannot attend a required engagement 
  • Complete feedback and reflection forms by the end of each semester


Must be a first-year student who identifies with any of the following student populations served by the U-FLi Center: undocumented, first-generation and/or low-income. 


Every academic year, the U-FLi Center recruits a cohort of 15-20 students from the incoming class of first-year students. The FLiSP application for the Class of 2026 is now closed.

Please message renata_mauriz@brown.edu if you have any questions. 

Other ways to be involved: 

Being part of the FLiSP cohort is only one of many ways to be involved with the U-FLi Center community! Students who are not in the cohort may also: 

  • Attend all the U-FLi Center events and programs throughout the year 
  • Schedule 1-1 meetings with the U-FLi Center professional staff 
  • Utilize the U-FLi Center space to study, meet people and have fun 
  • Apply to work at the U-FLi Center