Kessler Scholars Program

Kessler Scholars Program

The Kessler Scholars Program, formerly the FLi Scholars Program (FLiSP) at Brown University is a four-year cohort-based student development and community building program for students who identify with the following populations served by the U-FLi Center: undocumented, first-generation-college, and/or low-income (U-FLi).  The program, now supported by the Kessler Scholars Collaborative, will build on the successes of FLiSP and expand from a 1 year to multi-year program in our efforts to support U-FLi students throughout their entire journey at the university. 

The program supports first-generation students' across their four-year journey at Brown University by providing:

  • individualized strengths-based advising
  • comprehensive understanding of campus resources
  • an affirming, close-knit community of peers and staff who serve as a support system

Nationwide Collaborative/Collective Impact Framework
The Kessler Scholars Program at Brown University is part of the national
Kessler Scholars Collaborative along with 15 other institutions. Together, these schools are transforming the undergraduate experience for first-generation college students. Students who join the Kessler Scholars Program are part of a powerful network of first-generation leaders, connected across multiple institutions throughout their undergraduate college experience and beyond.

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