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Planning, building and launching a new website is a major project requiring dozens (or even hundreds) of hours of focused work. Before you begin, make sure the time is right time for your department, office or unit to begin a substantial website project.

If you elect to build or rebuild your website in BrownSites 2/University Theme, you will be required move it again in six to 12 months. 

In 2018 the University launched a project to completely rebuild Because this project will require that all current BrownSites be migrated into a new version of the content management system, you may want to delay your website launch or rebuild plans. If you elect to move ahead — building a new website or rebuild your current site now — you will be required to move the site to Brown's new web platform in six to 12 months


Prior to making a final decision about the timing of your website project, contact the Web and Digital Communications team by emailing [email protected]. We are available to discuss your plans and how we can help you move ahead.

Planning for your new website is essential. During the planning phase, you should:

1) Identify Audiences and Messages

Identify your primary audience(s) and the key themes and messages you want the site to convey. The University's Messaging Strategy provides a helpful framework for developing your communications and telling your story. OUC is willing to review and consult on your site's messaging and content strategy.

2) Audit Existing Content

Consider auditing your existing content and review each page, event and news story on your current website to determine if it should be kept as-is, revised or removed. View a sample content audit in a Google Sheet.

3) Draft Information Architecture (IA)

Develop a draft information architecture (IA) for the site. Information architecture describes the navigational structure of a website, and it should outline how every page fits into that navigational structure. View a sample information architecture in Google Docs

4) Revise the Content

Outdated information on a website is frequently the primary source of frustration for our users. Time you spend rewriting your content to make it accurate, up-to-date and free of typos is worth the investment. More on improving your content » 

5) Explore Options in University Theme

Explore the University Theme website and consider which components will effectively display and elevate your digital content. In your information architecture you should note the pages on which these components will appear. The OUC Web and Digital team can provide additional consultation on the best use of the theme components. 

6) Collect Visual Assets, Images and PDFs

Gather visual assets, images and PDFs that will appear in the new website. Be sure all of the images you wish to include comply with Brown's Image Use Policy.

7) Consult with the Web and Digital Communications Team

We will work with you to refine your information architecture, consult on the best use of University Theme components, and devise a project plan for building and launching your new site.

Before you begin building your new website, you should take the BrownSites 2.0 training session offered by Computing and Information Services (CIS). You can find video training or register for in-person sessions in Workday Learning.

Search for Upcoming Training Sessions

To ensure that new online content created by Brown’s faculty, staff and student employees complies with web accessibility standards, all content editors should watch Brown's digital accessibility training video.

Making Accessible Websites at Brown (Video Training)

Prior to launching a new website, the Office of University Communications will review the site using this pre-launch checklist to ensure it meets the University's standards and policies for website accessibilityidentity, technology and overall quality. We encourage web content editors to refer to this checklist before submitting a launch request in order to expedite the website launch process.

Please submit your launch request at least ten days prior to your intended launch date.

Review the pre-launch checklist    Submit a Website Launch Request