Access to Campus

Campus access for news media

Brown University encourages members of the news media to share news about our community of teaching, research, scholarship and innovative education. Both in principle and as a matter of legal responsibility, we respect the privacy of students, faculty and staff. Because Brown is a private institution, our policies for news media are designed to provide access to our faculty, staff and students with minimal disruption to the core functions of the University, and with consideration to the right to privacy of members of our campus community.

Non-Brown agencies and individuals – including the news media – require permission to come on campus at any time to capture still or video images, and require an escort of an appropriate representative of the University. All members of the news media interested in capturing images or conducting interviews on University property must consult with the Office of University Communications before entering campus. Please email [email protected]

Filming or image capture for commercial, advertising or entertainment purposes is covered separately by the University's Commercial Photography or Filming Policy.