Current Status Report - September 2011
Text in red denotes new activity since previous status report.

Improve the quality of students’ residential experiences, and provide more housing options

Action Taken

  • Provided additional resources to renovate residence halls in summer 2004 and future summers
  • Identified areas of immediate and long-term need for housing, dining, fitness, social, and community spaces
  • Allocated new funding to replace student room furniture on an ongoing basis
  • Began a housing program for first-year graduate students; study ongoing to identify possible additions to the housing stock
  • Expanded housing program for first-year graduate students with one additional building of apartments
  • Replaced all 168 washers and dryers in student residence halls with front-load, water-efficient washing machines and front-load dryers
  • Planned improvements to community spaces in residence halls for summer 2006
  • Began planning for possible new residence halls
  • Completed improvements to community spaces in residence halls
  • Identified and prioritized options for substantial renewal of existing residence halls
  • Opened new graduate student housing at 71-73 Charlesfield Street; 20 units available in August 2007
  • Secured funding in spring 2008 for substantial program of residential renewal over next three summers to include projects in 12 residence halls
  • Conducted renewal projects in 10 residence halls in summer 2008 as part of planned ongoing renewal
  • Completed substantial planning for new residence halls, including programmatic priorities, common space requirements, and living configurations that are appealing to juniors and seniors
  • Proceeded with renewal projects in two residence halls in summer 2009 as part of planned and downsized ongoing renewal despite having to cut $12M from residential renewal program in February 2009 as part of response to the economic crisis; will not be proceeding with Miller/Metcalf renovation at this time
  • Secured funding to replace furniture in 350 student rooms as part of ongoing furnishings renewal
  • Conducted survey of graduate students regarding housing

  • See Phase II for other recent actions that support this objective

Action Needed


  • Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services
  • Dean of the Graduate School

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