Current Status Report - September 2011
Text in red denotes new activity since previous status report.

Collaborating with the Local Community on Issues of Mutual Interest and Beneļ¬t

The Plan for Academic Enrichment clearly extends beyond the Brown campus and requires mutually supportive relationships with neighbors, neighboring institutions, and the local, state, and federal governments. Brown strives to work with the local community, adopting as a strategic goal to collaborate and foster stronger community relations and to ensure that there are open avenues for communication and ample opportunities to provide input and support.

Brown’s many volunteer opportunities continue to have a beneficial impact for both Brown and the local community. For example, in response to the report from the University Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice, Brown further demonstrated its commitment to support public education through the effort to establish a $10 million endowment to benefit Providence Schools and an Urban Education Fellows Program. In addition, Brown has taken steps to support the College Advising Corps.

As a major employer in Providence and a catalyst for job growth, Brown is working to strengthen its leadership role and ties with other leaders from nonprofit organizations, government, and business to further economic development in Providence and Rhode Island. This will be a coordinated effort, consistent with Brown’s academic and research mission and with the local community’s goals of improving quality of life; creating stable, high paying jobs; and attracting new businesses.