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The Plan for Academic Enrichment is designed to augment Brown's educational culture so that all our students—undergraduate, medical, and graduate—are offered the best education possible through opportunities to craft their own educational paths, with access to a wider array of venues and a broader scope of activities, with the most up-to-date means at their disposal, and guided by a nationally distinctive and well-supported faculty and staff.

Report to the Faculty (December 2008)
Read Phase II report (February 2008)
Read the complete report
(February 2004)

the plan for academic enrichment - phase ii (february 2008)
The Plan for Academic Enrichment (February 2004)
Strategic Framework for Physical Planning (October 2003)
Outline of the long-term plan (April 2003 - pdf)
The Academic Enrichment Initiatives (February 2002)

Table of Needs
Table of Needs for the Campaign for Academic Enrichment (Updated March 2006 - PDF)

Status Report, July 2009 (pdf)
Report to the Faculty, December 2008 (pdf)
Status Report, November 2007 (pdf)
Status Report
, May 2007 (pdf)
Status Report
, October 2006 (pdf)
Status Report, May 2006 (pdf)
Status Report, October 2005 (pdf)
Status Report, February 2005 (pdf)
Status Report, May 2004 (pdf)
Status Report, October 2003 (pdf)
Outline of long-term plan, April 2003 (pdf)
Program summary, February 2002


On the Academic Enrichment Initiatives

On Faculty Excellence in Teaching and Research
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On Fostering Multidisciplinary Initiatives
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